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Shorten the sales cycle with video

Jump on a video call from within your app and convert active leads into customers.

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Close demo customers today, not next week.



Sam knows the sales lifecycle for (product) is 8-10 days from demo to paid and wants to close those customers, faster. 

Email open rates aren’t what they used to be. Sam can usually close a customer, if she can schedule a meeting.

Live text chat is great for support but people don’t want to be sold to by a bot.

...and that perfectly crafted email with a calendar link often languishes in the promo tab.

Convert them in real-time, face-to-face.



Sam defines a list of customers in the demo funnel. She wants to speak with folk who signed up 48 hours ago but haven’t yet added a plan.

Bingo! Smidge shows Sam that there are a number of demo customers online.

Hit that call button, Sam.

Instantly, Sam has a face to face with someone who signed up yesterday, and converts them to paid, today.

Powerful. Instant. In-App.
Ready to speak with customers today? 

How it works

Jump on a video-call with a customer before they bounce to the competition.

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