Don't let hot leads go cold.

Jump on a video call from within your app and convert active leads into customers. No third-party CRM required.

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Smidge helps you shorten the sales cycle and convert more inbound users to customers through instant face to face outreach.

Custom messaging

Make business personal and add context with a customisable message to any user.

User segmentation

Easily segment users into call groups that reflect their position in your sales funnel.

Direct dialling

Shorten the sales cycle by targeting the prospects most likely to convert.

Live monitoring

Engage prospects while they are online, actively using your app.

Call logs & dashboard

Stay on top of hot leads or re-engage cooling ones with at-a-glance call logs.


Go the extra mile via live demo or hold their hand through onboarding with easy screen sharing.

Audio-only calling

Give customers the option to put their best face forward. Or not.

Call ratings

Create a little healthy competition in the sales team and aim for golden 5-star call ratings.

How it works

Jump on a video-call with a customer before they bounce to the competition.

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