So you think video calls can't scale?

No more ignored emails, forgotten meetings and unanswered phone calls. Call the right person at the right time with Smidge.

User Segmentation

Have relevant conversations with targeted users

Custom messaging

Add context with a personalised message to each user or call group

Live monitoring

Call users while they are active and online using your app.

Call logs & dashboard

Take note of who you’ve called, when you’ve called them and how the team is performing.


Get on the same page with users to solve problems together on screen.

Audio-only calling

Can’t put the best face forward? Users can choose to answer without video.

Direct calling

Search and speak with specific users or choose to be notified when they are active.

Call ratings

Add some healthy team competition and aim for 5-star call ratings.

“Your app is just one of dozens your customers use every day. Don't ask them to talk with you via another.”

Alan, Smidge Founder

We built Smidge to solve our own problem.

Being frustrated with a less than 1% response rate to customer outreach emails, we wanted an easier and faster way to connect.

Or if you’re ready?