could you learn from a customer in 5 minutes?

Check-in with your customers via a quick 1-to-1 video chat.

Smidge finds active customers for you to speak with, so you can be sure you're building a product they love...

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What we can tell you about Smidge right now...

We believe that you can't solve the right problems, and build the right products for customers if you aren’t talking to them.

The Smidge widget lets you strike up a private video chat with an active customer to get real customer insights.

  • Face to face video - Instantly put a human face to your company and build connection through conversation

  • It's all in your app or website- No need for your customer to download or give access to a third-party

  • Push communication - Initiate a conversation while users are online and active, instead of waiting for an email response.

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