Chat with users today.
Not next week.

Product research, customer development interviews, you name it. You can chat with users, in your app without waiting for a meeting.

No more emails. No more calendar invites.
Chat with people when they are online and active.

Just 5 minutes per day
More than 250+ chats a year

Email Outreach, Chatbots
and Surveys

  • 1 to 1 private video chat that sits in your app or webpage, not the spam folder.

  • Customisable messaging so they know you're not a robot. Add context with a personalised message.

  • Push communication directly to users means no pesky onboarding or third-party video app required.

  • Face to face connection. Put a human face to your company and build relationships through conversation.

Don't wait around on an empty video-link

  • Forget scheduling and waiting on an email. Find active users to speak with while they are active in your app.

  • Segment users into groups so you know you're chatting with the right person about the right feature.

  • Call log and dashboard to keep track of your efforts and high-five yourself for all the time saved.

  • More chats, more often. Just 5 mins per day = talking directly with 250+ people a year.

“Don't find customers for your products.
Find products for your customers.”

- Seth Godin

How Smidge works...

  • 1

    Install the widget on your web app

  • 2

    Let Smidge gather some handy metadata

  • 3

    Segment who you'd like to chat with

  • 4

    Press the chat button to initiate a conversation

  • 5

    Voila! Chat with users from within your browser

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